Price List

Slimming Services

R2500 (10 sessions x 45min each) Electrotherapy and Infrared Treatment
R5 500 + R350 (stockings) (20 sessions x 45min each) Endermologie


45min R300.00 Hot Stone Therapy Back and Neck
75min R450.00 Hot Stone Full Body
30min R275.00 Swedish Back and Neck
60min R390.00 Swedish Full Body
30min R430.00 Aromatherapy Full Body
30 min R430.00 Aromatherapy Stress Relief
30min R280.00 Aromatherapy Back and Neck Relief
30min R180.00 Indian Head Massage

Facials and Peels

Dr Schrammek
45min R1700.00 GREEN PEEL Classic (Skin Renewal)
45min R1350.00 GREEN PEEL Energy (Vital Complexion)
45 min R1050.00 GREEN PEEL Fresh Up (Quick Beautifier)
Six Skin Care Facials
60min R400.00 Velocity Treatment
An express treatment tailored to your specific needs. Rejuvenates, Revitalises and Refreshes the skin.
60min R600.00 Timeless Skin Treatment
A Classic facial treatment to nourish, protect and maintain skin. It stimulates the production of collagen and promotes elasticity in the skin.
90min R700.00 Sensation Skin Treatment
The ultimate relaxation and pampering experience. A rejuvenating and revitalising Facial that include double exfoliation, hand treatment and facial massage.
Régim A
The Peel and Heal treatment works on wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation marks. It stimulates the production of collagen and promotes elasticity in the skin.
45min R600.00 30% Peel and Heal
45min R700.00 50% Peel and Heal

Grooming Services

20min R80.00 Eyelash Tint
10min R70.00 Eyebrow Tint
30min R150.00 Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

Waxing Services

Waxing for the face
15min R70.00 Eyebrows
10min R70.00 lip
10min R70.00 Chin
30 min R190.00 Eyebrow, Lip and Chin
30min R200.00 Full face
Waxing for Him
30min R220.00 Back
30min R220.00 Chest
45min R250.00 Full Leg
30min R180.00 Half Leg
40min R200.00 Three quarter Leg
Body Waxing
30min R230.00 Half Leg
20min R180.00 Full Leg
20min R200.00 Three quarter Leg
20min R140.00 Bikini
30min R200.00 Brazilian
40min R240.00 Hollywood
15min R120.00 Underarm
30min R180.00 Full Arm
20min R140.00 Half Arm
10min R110.00 Stomach
Waxing Combinations
30min R280.00 Half leg and Bikini
30min R360.00 Half leg and Underarm
45min R340.00 Full Leg and Bikini
45min R320.00 Full Leg and Underarm


60min R400.00 New Set
60min R350.00 Overlay (Natural)
60min R430.00 Overlay (French)
60min R450.00 New Set with French
R50.00 Nail Repair with tip
R60.00 Soak Off only
R120.00 Buff and Glaze
R260.00 French Fill
R220.00 Natural Fill
R230.00 Fill and French Paint
R220.00 Gelish
15min R150.00 File and Paint
50min R160.00 File and French paint
50min R200.00 Basic Pedicure
60min R275.00 Full Service Deluxe Pedicure
90min R290.00 Full Service Deluxe Pedicure with French Paint
20min R80.00 Paraffin Dip
90min R370.00 Pedi with Gelish
60min R220.00 Gelish

Six Skin Care Products

R340.00 Velvety Soft Cleanser; creamy texture, softens and comforts skin. Suitable for Dry and Dehydrated Skin.
R340.00 Gentle Foaming Facewash; deep cleansing yet mild, removes make up whilst nourishing and softening the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
R306.00 Soothing Lotion; softens and soothes the skin whilst restoring pH balance and improving micro-circulation. Suitable for Dry and Dehydrated skin.
R306.00 Balancing Lotion; Alcohol free toner, completes make up removal and refreshes the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
R410.00 Instant Firming Mask; Firming and regenerating. Activates cellular functions, smooths wrinkles and plumps skin. Suitable for all skin types.
R380.00 Moisture Boost Mask; Eight Cups of water for the skin. Soothes, plumps, revives and protects the skin. For Dry and Dehydrated skin.
R345.00 Cranberry Exfoliating Cream; A luxurious exfoliation that smooths away dead skin cells, prevents blocked pores and reveals a layer of fresh new skin. Suitable for all skin types.
R350.00 Brightening Enzyme Peel; Effective Peeling action, anti-free radicals and soothing action leaving the skin bright and smooth. For Dry and Dehydrated Skin.
R387.00 Lifting Eye Cream; Smoothens eye contours, reduces signs of fatigue, long lasting hydration. Suitable for all skin types.
R535.00 Vitamin Booster Oil; Vitamin cocktail for skin. Regenerating, Restructuring and anti – aging. For Dry and Dehydrated skin.
R360.00 O2 Serum; Stimulates cell renewal and restores skin barrier function. Suitable for all skin types
R360.00 Eye and Lip Soft Exfoliator; a rich super hydrating peeling cream that gently exfoliates the most delicate eye and lip area leaving the skin luminous, hydrated and silky smooth.
R550.00 Anti – aging moisturiser; stimulates cell metabolism, has an anti-free radical action and reduces the effect of premature aging. For Dry and Dehydrated skin.
R500.00 Daily Moisturising Cream; Rebuilds the skins protective film, increases skins ability to retain moisture, protects and softens the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
R522.00 Vitamin C moisturising Cream; reduces levels of damaging free radicals, increase skin firmness, brighten skin tone and reduce wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.
R522.00 Vitamin A serum; smooths skin texture, regenerates sun damaged skin and increases moisture balance.

Dr Schrammek Products

R640.00 Gel Super Purifiant; cleaning gel for oily and normal skin.
R575.00 Super Soft Cleanser; a gentle effective cleanser for dry, sensitive skin
R595.00 Herbal Care Lotion; Gentle face lotion with herbal extracts
R700.00 Special Regulating Cream; balancing cream for oily and combination skin
R700.00 Blemish Balm (Classic or Honey); covering special care for irritated, reddened and impure skin
R1250.00 Mela- White Day Cream with SPF 20; Day cream for an even pigmentation
R1550.00 Mela- White Night Cream: Night care for a flawless complexion.
R1100.00 Active Future Serum; Intense serum for demanding skin
R1250.00 Active Future Night Cream; Night care for demanding skin.
R775.00 Special Care Cream; special cream for dry, dehydrated sensitive skin
R700.00 Optimum Protection Cream; Multi -active, tinted protective care cream for all skin types with SPF 20.
R850.00 Hydra maximum Eye Fluid; moisturises and reduces puffiness.

DermaQuest Mineral Makeup Products

R850.00 Mineral Foundation with SPF 30; Breathable Coverage.
R850.00 Pressed Mineral Powder with SPF 15; Buildable coverage.
Régim A
R275.00 DermaDeep Cleanser
R450.00 Sensorial Daily Protector
R450.00 Age reversal night complex
R400.00 Daily Survival
R450.00 Daily Intelligent Sebum Solver
R220.00 Youth Nightly High-Performance Gel
R530.00 Pigment Perfector
R530.00 Techno 5 Resurfacer
R440.00 Acne Attack Rescue Serum
R600.00 Quantum elastin – collagen
R450.00 Neck firming complex
R450.00 New expressions under eye fix
R485.00 Stem Cell activator with 20% plant stem cells