Slimming services

Slimming Services

10 sessions x 45min each
Electrotherapy and Infrared Treatment
Electrotherapy is a safe and pain- free process that makes use of small electric impulses that are delivered to the body via electrodes. The impulses cause muscles to contract, burning fat and tightening the muscles, sculpting the body and reducing cellulite. It safe, pain-free and with no side effects.
R5 500 + R350 (stockings)
20 sessions x 45min each
Endermologie is a 100% safe and pain -free process that smooths, tones, and reshapes the body. Reducing cellulite and breaking down stubborn fat.


Prices ranging from
R300.00 - R450.00
Hot Stone Therapy
Prices ranging from
R275.00 - R390.00
Swedish Massage
Prices ranging from
R280.00 - R430.00
R180.00 Indian Head Massage
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Facials and Peels

Prices ranging from
R1050 .00- R1700.00
Dr Schrammek
Dr Schrammek’s GREEN PEEL contains the power of nature to bring you new skin in 5 days.
Prices ranging from
R400.00 - R600.00
Six Skin Care Facials
Each of our Treatments delivers only a PERFECT sensorial experience together with effective Skincare.
Prices ranging from
R600.00 - R700.00
Régim A
A world leader in skin care: Régim A is made from premium chosen natural ingredients from all over the world including Europe, South Africa and other tropical regions and indigenous wound healing, skin repairing plants
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Grooming Services

20min R80.00 Eyelash Tint
10min R70.00 Eyebrow Tint
30min R150.00 Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
Waxing Services


Prices ranging from
R70.00 - R200.00
Waxing for the face
Eyebrows, lip and chin.
Prices ranging from
R180.00 - R250.00
Waxing for Him
Back, chest and legs.
Prices ranging from
R110.00 - R240.00
Body Waxing
Legs, bikini, underarms, arms and stomach.
Prices ranging from
R280.00 - R360.00
We also offer a number of combinations
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Prices ranging from
R50.00 - R450.00
New set, overlays, nail repair, soak off, buff and glaze, a variety of fills and paints as well as gelish.
Prices ranging from
R80.00 - R370.00
File & paint, basic pedicure, full service deluxe, parifin dip and gelish.
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Specialised Services

Specialised Services

V- Cleansing and Tightening Services; Clears thrush, helps to treat endometriosis and fibroids, tightens pelvic muscles and improves menstrual cycle.

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